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straley with Pelosi
Rosemary Straley, Speaker Nancy Pelosi
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On 31 May 2007 at an event in Palo Alto, California

Senator Clinton lauded the efforts of the HRC Support Network since its founding in 1992. Watch the video by following this link.


On 3 December 2006 C-Span three-hour InDepth...

President Jimmy Carter was asked the question:  "Do you believe that the country is ready for a woman president? " He responded... 

"Oh yes, I think so!  I think the country sees that we have had women presidents in the largest democracies in the world -- India, which I visited lately -- also the largest Muslim country in the world has had a woman president -- Indonesia.  One of our greatest democratic friends, Great Britain, had a woman prime minister for many years.  In this hemisphere we now have a woman elected president of Chile, and in Nicaragua a woman president replaced the Sandinistas.  Women have served in top positions of leadership in countries around the world.  We just had a woman elected in an election we monitored in West Africa -- the first woman elected president in Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  And so in answer to your question, I think the United States is at least as enlightened about discrimination against women as Nicaragua or Chile or India or other countries."