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What is a Block Captain ?

A Block Captain relays information to and from business withina designated neighborhood of downtown. Block Captainsdistributematerialsfrom SRMS and other downtown related groups about all things related to downtown, including events, construction, road closures, city developments/codes/zoning, and overall communication - so businesses stay informed and connected as a community, andSRMS stays in line with the needs of downtown.

Block Captains enjoy this once a monthinteraction with their neighbor businesses, and businesses are happy to have someone who is looking out for them, keeping them abreast of 'what's up downtown'.

We can always use help covering the bases.  Our current gaps in the program are listed on our Volunteer Postings Page.  If you are interested in helping to increase downtown communication, we invite you to attend our next meeting. Overall time commitment of a Block Captain is approximately 2 hours a month. Again, volunteers are needed for all areas, so if you want to help, let us know!

 Contact us to become a Block Captain!


Graffiti Abatement (FREE) Hotline Service-

Hotline: (707) 543-3499

FREE Graffiti Abatement Hotline Service For Businesses and Property Owners in the BIA district

The SRMS Graffiti Abatement Program serves downtown BIA business and property owners with graffiti removal on private property within 24 hours of the Hotline report (weather dependent). SRMS has partnered with the City of Santa Rosa's existing graffiti hotline phone number. Anyone can call the hotline and report graffiti on private property within the BIA boundaries and receive prompt removal. This service will help us to maintain a clean, safe, friendly downtown. (Note: if you see graffiti on public property in other areas of downtown, you can call the same number and report this, but do not follow BIA prompt for private property.)

It is important to know that the City of Santa Rosa’s ordinance on graffiti stipulates that the City has the authority to fine a property OR business owner who has failed to remove graffiti within 72 hours.

My glass has been etched.  What do I do?

There are varying degrees of glass etching some of which may be removed by polishing or buffing the glass.  Consult a local glass company for information on what may be done for your particular situation.

TIPS on deterring graffiti:

  • Report graffiti Asap. If you are in the downtown and see graffiti, call 543-3499, follow the prompts to BIA, and report the incident including exact location on property and property address. (Note: if you want to report graffiti in other non-downtown areas of Santa Rosa, call same number but do not follow BIA prompt.)
  • It has been proven that promptly removing graffiti deters the vandals from returning to your sight - as it is their goal to see their tag and have others see it also.
  • Keep your property well lit.  Install motion sensitive lights in low traffic areas.
  • Maintain property and buildings. Vandals are attracted to abandoned and/or dilapidated sites.
  • Consider landscaping alternatives. Eliminate large "canvasses" by planting vines or tall shrubs next to walls and fences. Use "barrier" plants with prickly or thorny foliage to thwart would-be vandals.
  • Cover or eliminate walls, fences, and other flat surfaces that are easily painted.
  • Hire security or initiate a neighborhood watch program.
  • Remove potential rooftop access by moving cars, dumpsters, and pallets away from buildings. Likewise, remove or relocate pipes and low fences that vandals can stand on.

Important Contact Numbers for graffiti on other locations...

  • To Report graffiti in progress, contact:

    Police Department
    Community Outreach (707) 543-3653
    (707) 528-5222

  • To report graffiti on hydrants, contact:

    Utilities Department (707) 543-4200

  • To report graffiti in parks, contact:

    Parks Department (707) 543-3770

  • To report graffiti on Private Utilities, contact:

    Gas/Electrical (PG&E) 800-743-5000
    Cable TV (Comcast) (707) 588-5501
    Telephone (SBC) (707) 575-2077

  • To report graffiti on the freeway, sound walls and highway signs, contact:
  • Caltrans (707) 762-6641

  • To report graffiti on cans/bins, contact:

    North Bay Corporation (707) 586-1478


SOS Program

Take advantage of SRMS’s new support program for business and property owners needing help with issues related to City ordinances, code, zoning and regulations.  Together we can work through your situation and also work to improve existing City regulations as needed.




As downtown grows, so does the need for enhanced parking services, garages and facilities. The SRMS Parking Committee continually works with the City to improve parking, including garage cleanliness and lighting, fees, metered time limits, advocating for modern meter devices that are customer friendly, and public outreach regarding the existing parking program. To achieve successful retail, housing and public parking, an important tool for economic development in downtown, SRMS has advocated and worked successfully with City staff and Council to lower parking permit and meter rates and to best utilize the White House site parking lot among other developments downtown.

How can businesses help with parking ?

  • Join the SRMS Parking Committee
  • Direct their employees to park in parking garages versus valuable on-street parking that is short term and intended for customers.
  • Hand out SRMS "Meet you downtown" parking maps to customers and educate the public about the many garages available to them downtown. These covered and secured garages cost 75 cents an hour, and they are “ticket-free” since there is no time limit.
  • If you notice that a light is out (or lighting is poor) or any visible damage to a garage, please report it to the City of Santa Rosa's Parking and Transit department (707) 543-3325, or contact SRMS


City Regulations

Santa Rosa City Code

Santa Rosa Zoning Code


Busines Development

Retail promotions

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