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Edge QAM Products

A number of services are coming available with the increasingly efficient use of cable spectrum. Whether its Video on Demand, higher throughput DOCSIS data, or Switched Digital Video channels, the use of efficient and compact Edge QAM systems facilitates the successful system rollouts.

TriAccess Technologies has developed a product line of RFIC products specifically designed to meet the stringent RF requirements of DOCSIS based Edge QAM systems. TriAccess solutions saves up to 50% on power consumption and 1/3 on space requirements. The TAT7466, TAT7464, TAT7472, TAT7467, provide a complete set of options for low power consumption EdgeQAM. The energy savings thermally enable closer component spacing and smaller heat-sink areas for an overall reduced footprint.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized for low power dissipation
  • Adjustable bias
  • Enables optimization of Pout vs Pbias
  • Integrated linearization

Edge QAM Performance Requirements

QAM Edge

edge QAM specs


TriAccess Edge QAM Solution

Triaccess solution

Edge QAM Amplifier Family

Product Frequency Power Gain Distortion Noise
Return Loss
TAT7464 50-2600MHz 5V, 160mA 13 dB CSO: -83 dBc
CTB: -77 dBc (33 dBmV/Ch, 80 ch)
4.4 dB Input: -18
Output -15
TAT7466 50-1000MHz 6V, 190mA 14 dB CSO: -8O dBc
CTB: -67 (39 dBmV/Ch, 80 ch)
4.5 dB Input: -16
Output -20
TAT7467B 50-1000MHz 5V, 220-275mA 17 dB DOCSIS RF Interface Compliant 4.7 dB Input: -18
Output -23
TAT7467D 50-1000MHz 5V 14 dB DOCSIS RF Interface Compliant   Input:
TAT7468 50-1000MHz 5V, 150-200mA 16 dB IP2: 68 dBm
IP3: 35 dBm (2dBm/tone)
3.7 dB Input: -18
Output -15
TAT7469 50-1000MHz 5V, 220-275mA 17.5 dB IP2:68 dBm
IP3: 38 dBm (7dBm/tone)
3.2 dB Input: -18
Output -23

TAT7464 and TAT7466 Push Pull Amplifiers

For medium output low distortion applications, the TAT7464 (5V, 50-2600 MHz) and the TAT7466 (5 and 6V, 50-1000MHz), reduce power consumption by up to 50% in 3 stage Edge QAM applications. Using the core technology of the TriAccess Technologies single ended amplifiers (TAT7461 and TAT7460), these push pull amplifiers are ideally suited for Edge QAM initial stage as well as other medium output applications.


The TAT7467 is the breakthrough Edge QAM-optimized output amplifier providing a number of industry first designs. This RFIC saves approximately 40% on power consumption through the use of on-chip linearization, externally adjustable bias, and DOCSIS-specific design optimization.

TAT7468 and TAT7469

The TAT7468 and TAT7469 provide ideal input stage performance saving 30-50% over current input stage solutions. The gain levels of these devices enable a two stage approach to the amplifier chain, saving further on space and power consumption.