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Fiber To the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Multi-dwelling Unit Applications (MDU)

The FTTP network increasingly offers a variety of analog and digital video service options to the home. Meeting the RF requirements at the Optical Network Unit in the cost-sensitive marketplace is more challenging than ever. To help designers meet these challenges, TriAccess has developed a family of RFICs that cost-effectively meet the difficult gain, noise, and distortion requirements of PON systems.

At the core of all TriAccess products is excellent gain and noise characteristics. Today’s GPON access architectures strive to maximize the optical dynamic range and RF output power, which together place difficult requirements on ONT receiver gain. In addition, new multimedia distribution approaches such as MoCa (Multimedia over Coax) require higher levels of RF output to cover an increasing number of terminal devices. The TriAccess family of devices is carefully designed to provide excellent gain, noise and distortion characteristics over the full optical input range. They provide the ONT engineer the critical tools necessary to meet demanding requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra low noise
  • Flexible functionality simplifies design 
  • Efficient “green” power levels
  • High gain and excellent linearity


  • Fiber-to-the-Home Optical Triplexers
  • RFoG and Mini-Node Receivers
  • GPON RF Overlay

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Ultra Low Noise = Longer Reach, More Splits, Lower Cost EDFAs

FTTH RFIC Amplifiers

Product Frequency Gain/AGC Range CSO/CTB
EIN Return Loss
TAT6254C 50-1000MHz 33 dB/33 dB 63/70 3.9 pA/rtHz 18 dB
TAT6280 50-1000MHz 32 dB/32 dB 63/70 3.9 pA/rtHz 18 dB
TAT6282* 50-1000MHz 31 dB/31 dB 63/70 3.9 pA/rtHz 18 dB


The TAT6254C is used throughout the industry in GPON and other RF overlay solutions, excelling in both noise performance and dynamic range. The 6254C has the advantage of providing a wide dynamic range using the right combination of differential transimpedance amplifiers and multiple stage integration. The TAT6254C pinouts provide the flexibility to cost optimize for a variety of applications


The TAT6280 integrates the core performance of the TAT6254C with the AGC gain adjust and RF detector, greatly simplifying the circuit board design.


The TAT6282 is a ultra low power consumption board, building on the foundation of the TAT6254C design. Power consumption drops to well below 1 Watt with the TAT6282.

TAT6254C: Competitive Performance
  TriAccess TAT6254C Alternatives
Gain 33 dB 20-24 dB
Power Consumption < 1 watt > 2-3 watts
EIN 3.9 pA/rtHz 5.5-8 pA/rtHz
Output 24 dBmV/ch 16-18 dBmV/ch
CTB/CSO mid 60s dBc mid 60s dBc
Space Requirements Single chip to 24 dBmV Chip + post amp to 20 dBmV
Frequency Range 1 GHz 870 MHz
Cost $ $$$


TriAccess provides system savings

Simplified Onboard Design and
Cost Savings, 6254C Performance