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Subscriber Amplification

Subsriber amplifier 8 way

Subscriber Amplifiers 4 way

Amplification at the subscriber premises has become increasingly segmented, highly dependent on the mix of services and the number of devices supported for a given home. To address these new demands, TriAccess Technologies has developed a complete line of products ideally suited for premises amplification requirements. From simple single port, video only amplification to full multiport, multi-service support, TriAccess provides the RFIC and RF switch products needed for home amplification.

TriAccess Technologies amplifiers provide a range of gain levels to meet the need for comparable output levels regardless of drop amplifier ports. The TAT7461 provides 16 dB of gain for traditional applications, while the TAT7430 provides 22 dB of gain for higher port count amplifiers.

For Voice over IP/Digital Voice applications, TriAccess Technologies offers a voice bypass function to provide the option of opening an alternative path for continuous voice transmission in the case of power outage. The TAT2112 75 Ohm RF switch with high isolation and low loss, provides an economic and reliable solid state alternative to large mechanical relays.

TAT7461 diagram  

Features and Benefits

  • Exceeds SCTE performance
  • Low Distortion
  • Low Noise
  • Highly stable


  • 16 dB gain amplifiers
  • 22 dB gain multiport amplifiers
  • RF VOIP bypass switching

TriAccess Drop Amplifier IC Advantage

TriAccess Technology amplifiers are fabricated using GaAs pHEMT technology, using high Gm processes and optimized gate lengths. This provides excellent stability, return loss, and overall performance.

RFIC Amplifier

Product Frequency Gain CSO/CTB(26dbmV) Noise Figure Return Loss
TAT7461 50-1000MHz 16 dB Exceeds SCTE 2.3dB IRL:23dB,ORL:23dB
TAT7461V 50-1000MHz 16 dB SCTE 3.5dB IRL:22dB,ORL:22dB
TAT7430* 50-1000MHz 22 dB      

RF Bypass Switch

Product Frequency Through Loss Isolation Noise Figure Return Loss
TAT2112* 50-1000MHz .7 23 dB - S11:23dB,S22:17dB


The TAT74621 provides unprecedented stability and return loss performance over temperature while meeting stringent SCTE and major MSO distortion requirements.  The part delivers excellent pHEMT levels of noise performance.


The TAT7430 is a 22 dB gain part ideal for providing the gain required for output of higher port count drop amplifiers.


The TAT2112 provides bypass switching for voice drop amplifier applications.  The TAT2112 is a single pull double throw switch built in native 75 Ohms.  It can be used in both single and dual switch configurations to bypass the drop amplifier IC during power outage.

Drop Amplifier
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