“Through Sunita’s coaching methods, I am more self-confident when I speak. She is always good-humoured, positive and encourages me a lot.” Yann Gilles, Associate Director UBS

“Parmi les personnes que l'on rencontre dans la vie, la distance est une mesure de précaution connue. Certaines fois le rapprochement humain devient une précaution, et c’est exactement ce que dégage Sunita. Une écoute hors du commun et un sens de l’échange respectueux et franc...”
Alain Chalouhi, Member & Business partnerships Chamber of Commerce Geneva

“I was impressed with the quality of her work and the professionalism. She delivered me practical and extremely useful tricks & tips. She helped me to inspire and to build on my own personal brand.”
Michaelle Chennaf, Digital Account Executive

I had already confidence in her skills as she had been recommended to me. In only 2 sessions, Sunita has helped me focus on essential. Flexible and quick thinking, I truly appreciated her reactivity and open-mind as I needed to perform quickly for important interviews coming...”
Sophie Vez, Marketing and Communication

I found Sunita's coaching and mentoring sessions useful. As well as providing me help with my presentations she worked with me on my emails..”
Claudia Kellerr, JTI SA

I am very happy to have met Sunita in April 2012 and to have been coached by her. Sunita has excellent communication skills and an outgoing personality. She is very professional, efficient and always positive.”
Marie-France Provot Ivanov, Lawyer

“Sunita builds a bond with her students that encourages them to believe in their abilities.”
Veerle van Wauwe, Founder TRANSPARENCE SA

“It exceeded all my expectations. I was used to boring and repetitive communication sessions and then I found somebody very motivated, committed and full of resources and new ideas. Imade outstanding progress in a short time. I recommend Sunita without reservation.”
Alessandra Canuto, MD

“Elle a été d'un grand soutien dans les moments de découragement; je suis très contente de mes progrès!”
Corina Meiler Médecin psychiatre

“J'ai trouvé les séances de Sunita d’une très grande valeur. J'ai beaucoup apprécié ses efforts durant toutes nos séances. Elle était patiente, encourageante et dynamique. Ses séances m'ont aidé dans les domaines personnels et professionnels. Je la recommanderais à tous.”
Yvan Ballif Administrateur, Les Régisseurs SA

“Sunita’s sessions were very interesting because she came up with current and stimulating themes. I feel more confident when I speak and I improved so much that I have now got more responsibility at work! She is the best trainer that I have ever had in my life.”
Barbara Pré GP2 (Services) Switzerland SA

“...Sunita has always come across as a professional manager. I endorse and recommend her as a top quality manager, always ready to take on higher responsibilities.”
Rajeev Talwar,Chief Financial Accountant

“Sunita is both bright and motivated. She was able to assess my needs immediately and has provided the necessary tools in order for me to fulfill my objectives...”
Alexis Kremer, Executive Dir., UBS Wealth Management

“I've known Sunita for many years now - she is an extremely positive person, and someone who tackles every assignment with dedication and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Sunita...”
Raj Singh, CEO

“I have known Sunita over many years and have always found her to be completely professional in all my dealings with her.”
Rajesh Vohra, Owner, Sarova Hotels



With over twenty years experience in teaching and development within companies and educational institutions, Walk The Talk is here to help improve your communication skills in English, develop your knowledge and achieve your full potential.

Developing communication is what we do best and our role is to guide clients and help them to achieve their objectives, maximize their knowledge and experience so as to improve performance professionally and personally.

Sessions cover the following areas:

  • Development of Intercultural Communication
  • Inter-personal Relationship Management
  • Individual Coaching
  • Development of  Effective Communication Skills
  • Enabling clients to unlock their full communication potential
  • Training for Meetings, Presentations and Job Interviews
  • Giving Presentations
  • Writing Emails
  • Negotiating

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