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About Us

Women’s Wellness and GYN Surgery Center is dedicated to providing overall health and gynecological care to women from adolescence and beyond.  Our focus is providing high-quality, caring, and personal medical care for each individual.

Our health care team is ready to be your lifetime partner in maintaining the fullest potential health and if necessary, restoring your fullest health with our expertise.  We offer consultation, evaluation, and treatment of a variety of women’s health issues. 

Most healthy women can expect to live beyond 80 years.  Every woman is unique and so are her needs.  Women’s Wellness and GYN Surgery Center focuses on the health of all women.  We specialize in women’s healthcare and provide a full range of gynecologic healthcare from adolescence and beyond to the ninth decade.  We want women to be active participants in their healthcare.  In order to achieve this goal we encourage an open dialogue between the patient and her physician.  It is important to educate and treat the whole woman taking into account with the most current scientific data and the latest proven technologies.

Patients start becoming active with their own healthcare by having routine screening tests and making healthy lifestyle choices.  Beginning this dialogue with her physician, the patient learns the process of caring for her body. Some topics include self breast exams, contraception and family planning, preconceptional awareness, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

As a woman matures her concerns will change as well.  In addition to well-women examinations with pap smears, evaluation of infertility, abnormal bleeding, pelvic and abdominal pain, uterine fibroids, and vaginitis may be necessary.  Finally, perimenopausal concerns and menopausal care can be addressed as arises.

At the Women’s Wellness and GYN Surgery Center, not only are the above topics discussed, but biopsies, colposcopies, tubal ligations, LEEP procedures, incontinence procedures, dilatation and curettage, surgical and non-surgical treatment of vaginal prolapse can be solutions in those evaluations.  We offer alternatives to hysterectomy including endometrial ablation, hysteroscopy, and laparoscopy. 

Every woman is unique and so are her needs. Women’s Wellness and GYN Surgery Center focuses on the advanced healthcare of all women in a friendly, calming environment.

What types of Wellness services are available? See our Focus of Care