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Annual Physicals or Well-Woman Examinations

Not just a Pap smear! 

We encourage our patients to have an annual physical exam which includes the Pap smear.  We provide a comprehensive exam that encompasses the whole person.  As a reminder, many insurance companies allow only one physical per calendar year.  If you are unsure as to the last exam, please call us and we can verify your last exam. 

Most of us think of the annual exam as just the Pap smear (screening test for cervical cancer), but the annual exam or well woman exam is so much more.  At your annual exam, your health care provider will visit with you regarding your current  medications, past and present medical history, surgical history, family history, and social habits that include tobacco and alcohol intake.  Your provider may also review physical activity, mental health, injury and violence prevention, immunization, or whatever the current topic.  This interview or review helps us determine your current health risk factors that may need appropriate screenings like mammograms, osteoporosis screenings,  blood tests, or other  further evaluations.  Our goal is to promote health and wellness throughout your lifespan. 

Pap Smears

The cervix is the lower narrow part of the uterus.   The Pap smear is a test in which cells are taken from the cervix and examined under the microscope.  A Pap smear is performed to detect the early stages of cervical cancer.  Your first pap smear should be done between the ages 18-21 or whenever you become sexually active.  Annual pap smears are recommended.  We have adopted HPV DNA testing as an adjunct to the pap smear. 


Our providers recommend all women be current on their immunizations.  You may receive some of your immunizations here.  Ask us about vaccination that can help prevent cervical cancer and genital warts.