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Financial Information

If you have concerns about charges or insurance coverage, please ask prior to service. Our Billing Department is available to answer any questions.  You can call our office directly, and we will get in touch with someone to assist you with any questions you may have. 


  • A Referral Form from your primary care physician is required. You are responsible for assuring that it has been received by our office prior to your visit.

  • Co-payments are due on the date of service.  A $20 administrative fee will be charged for all co-payments which have to be billed.

  • Patients have the option of signing a waiver of insurance, thereby accepting responsibility for payment of services, in lieu of a referral. In this case, however, payment in full is due at the time of service.


  • Co-payments and Deductables are the patient’s responsibility and due at the time of service.

  • If you are unsure whether our physician is a member of your particular PPO, please refer to your insurance handbook, insurance company’s website, or contact your employer prior to receiving treatment. Insurance companies contract with other carriers. Therefore, our office may not always be aware of all PPO’s currently within a network.

  • As a courtesy, we will bill secondary insurance after receiving payment from the primary payor. In most cases you will be billed only after your secondary insurance has paid, and a balance remains.


  • As a courtesy, we will file your insurance. If we are not contracted with your insurance, we request the bill be paid prior to the service rendered.

  • We will bill your insurance for you if you provide us with the correct insurance information.  From time to time, your insurance company may ask for additional information that you will need to provide.  If claims are unpaid due to failure to provide the requested information, the balance on the account will become the patient’s responsibility. 

  • You will be billed monthly for any and all outstanding balances.

  • Unpaid services older than 45 days are delinquent and subject to referral to our collection department.

PERSONAL PAY (Including portions not paid by insurance)

  • Payment is expected on the day of service.

  • We accept cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

  • Payment arrangements can be made with a Financial Counselor.