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Mental Wellness

Healthy Stress Relief Measures -Ways to relax or slow down in this hectic life. 

Get physical with your family: Dance around the living room to your favorite music, shoot baskets in the driveway, or go for a family bike ride.

Work out by yourself: Go for a run, swim laps at the Y, or do a yoga tape in your bedroom.

Trim caffeine, sugar, and salt: Drinking too much coffee, tea, or soda, and eating too many sweets or salty items stimulate your nervous system and can make you feel irritable. Start your day with herbal tea or decaf instead, or cut out a Starbucks coffee break during the day.  Eat healthy foods and drinks to maintain your energy throughout the day 

Safeguard your sleep: Don’t drink caffeinated drinks too close to your bedtime.  Skip that last activity of the evening. Television and computer usage too close to bedtime may be too stimulating. Be consistent; go to sleep at the same time every day.  Take short “power naps”; anything too long will make you groggy and make it difficult to sleep later that night.

Learn to say no: Don’t over schedule yourself or volunteer for activities that you know you won’t enjoy. Schedule an afternoon to do “nothing.”

Live within your means:  Financial troubles can add a lot of stress to your life. Simplify your life from all the “stuff.” 

See your gal pals: Give yourself permission to go out for dinner every few weeks with your friends or at least chat regularly on the phone or by e-mail.

Laugh: Read a funny novel, watch Saturday Night Live (or tivo it and watch it the next day so you don’t have to stay up late), or have a ticklefest with your kids or your loved one.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Keep a positive attitude, by trying to find the humor in life.

Stay Calm:  Breathe deeply down from your belly.  Often when we are stressed, we tend to hold our breath.  Cultivate attributes that help maintain a calm demeanor including being:  receptive, accepting, composed, grateful, patient, and harmonious.

Stay Confident:  Minimize negative self talk, which diminishes confidence.  Reflect back something accurate and positive.   Let go of the negativity and confide in a trusted source.  Envision taking small, manageable steps. 

Stay Focused: Listen to your inner voice.  Stop and ask, “Is this distraction taking me to my goal?” Be in control; reevaluate your short-term and long-term goals rather than reacting to situations.