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pediatric dentistry

When you arrive at our office you will see it is specifically designed for children. Our treatment area is full of colorful banners and artwork that creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Our staff is very friendly and accustomed to working with young children. The dentists have each had two years of postgraduate training and have earned certification by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Maintaining healthy smiles and creating a positive dental experience for you and your child are the goals of our office staff. We value referrals from all dental/medical professionals and satisfied patients.

Thank you for your confidence and for entrusting your child to our dental practice.

Office News

Our office now offers an alternative to stainless steel crowns for posterior (back) primary molars.  Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ramos have used esthetic white crowns on primary anterior (front) teeth for many years.  Unfortunately, up to now, there was not a good quality white crown for primary posterior molars. 

After extensive research we have identified a ceramic white crown for the posterior primary  first molars.  The cost is more than a stainless steel  crown due to the preparation involved, but estethically, it looks beautiful!

Fluoride - Children under 6 years old are at risk of developing dental fluorosis if they ingest too much fluoride.
A recent article in the Journal of Dentistry for Children 2014 January - April said that most tested infant juices  contained small amounts of fluoride .
If children drink these juices 3 to 4 times a day and also swallow regular toothpaste they will be a risk for developing fluorosis(white spots on the teeth).
We recommend using non-fluoride toothpaste when children swallow their toothpaste and only using juice that is diluted with water.

Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care
for children in a caring environment.

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