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Our Philosophy

At Copa Vida MedSpa, we are fully committed to this philosophy
of providing rejuvenating care as early as possible for the prevention
and reversal of skin damage.

Sensitivity to patient needs

Our mission in our fully integrated medical spa and cosmetic surgery office, is to carefully research for our clients and patients, which treatments and procedures are safe, effective and most appropriate. We only incorporate technological procedures which have been scientifically demonstrated to be safe and sound methods.

With this understood, aesthetic cosmetic surgery can have a powerfully positive and lasting impact on a person's life. You may be absolutely certain that you want to have a particular procedure performed. Alternatively, you may not yet know what possiblities exist for improving a feature of yourself that you would like to change. Or you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what feature it is that "ages" you.

In any case, the only way to truly decide whether or not you should have something done, is to get the best information possible from a source with experience and appropriate credentials, whom you trust with your well-being.

That information includes a thorough understanding of all the available options (both surgical and non-surgical), and it should be provided by someone who understands your aesthetic sensibility and goals. This is how we do our best to provide each individual that comes to us for a consultation a solid source of knowledge to help them determine their plans of treatments.

"A good aethetic cosmetic surgery is a result that looks natural, not done."


New style Minimally-invasive Cosmetic Treatments/Surgery
as a Bridge between Home Care and Plastic Surgery

“Plastic surgery remains a viable option for a lot of people but it’s definitely not the universal solution that it was once considered to be.  We now know that a face-lift addresses only a portion of the aging process that is affecting your appearance.  Issues like deep lines on the forehead and on the sides of the mouth, and skin that has lost its youthful glow, persist stubbornly even after the best surgery with the best plastic surgeon in town.  The radiant fullness of the face is, in my opinion, one of the most important signs of youth, and plastic surgery will definitely [often] not bring that back.  Clearly, the key to erasing a few years from the face will not be found in the plastic surgeon’s office.

“This is the gap that superior at-home skin care and dermatological procedures like acid peels, filler injections, nonburning lasers, and Botox can fill.  Together, they allow you to control how you look, regardless of your chronological age.  Bottom line: take care of your skin in small ways today, and you might not need to go under the knife tomorrow.”

- Excerpted from the book, Age-less by Fredric Brandt, M.D.
Board certified internist and dermatologist, Miami & New York.