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straley with Pelosi
Rosemary Straley, Speaker Nancy Pelosi
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How Can Individuals Support Senator Clinton?

Join the HRC Support Network

Wear your membership button

Display your bumper sticker (A Woman’s Place Is in The House, The Senate, and The Oval Office)

Stay informed about Senator Clinton’s legislative activities and advocacies;  regularly visit her websites: and;
sign up for a HRC Google Alert to track daily or weekly news.

Communicate your opinion about Senator Clinton and her public policy agenda:

Talk about these issues
Phone, fax, and email elected officials
Write and encourage letters to editors and op ed pieces
Call in to talk shows
Vote in polls on websites

Recruit new members

Participate in activities of HRCSN chapter nearest you

Organize a chapter in your area; click here for more information

Network in meetings of organizations which address Senator Clinton’s priorities

Volunteer time for projects that reflect Senator Clinton’s values, such as reading with children or mentoring girls and young women

Become more active in the democratic process by registering voters, raising funds and campaigning for candidates, serving in appointive or elective office, encouraging participation of family, neighbors, friends

Attend events where Senator Clinton is speaking

Promote the cause of women’s equality in the world through supporting Vital Voices Global Partnership, the nonprofit organization of which Senator Clinton is honorary co-chair (with Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Nancy Kassenbaum); visit for more info

Contribute to Senator Clinton’s campaign fund through