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Shopping Downtown

Antique & Consignment
Antique Shop RR Artifacts 206 Wilson St. 538-0580
Non Profit RR Assistance League 5 West 6th St. 546-9484
Antique Shop RR Collier's Antiques 109 3rd St. 528-6150
Antique Shop RR Gado Gado 129 4th St. 525-8244
Antique Shop RR Grandad's Basement 130 4th St. 575-1874
Non Profit CS Heavenly Treasures 576 Mendocino Ave.. 569-7448
Retail - Miscellaneous RR Masterson Interiors/Green Fish Trading 204 Wilson St. 528-8101
Antique Shop RR Michel & Company 107 4th St. 526-1290
Antique Shop RR Railroad Square Basement 100 4th St. 569-9646
Non Profit RR Sacks on the Square 116 4th St.
Non Profit RR Treasure House 700 Wilson St. 523-1188
Non Profit RR Welfare League 126 4th St.
Antique Shop RR Whistlestop Antiques 130 4th St. 542-9474

Art, Photography & Frame

Artistic Merchandise Retail CS Charles Becker studio 525 4th St. #B 579-6040
Artistic Merchandise Retail CS Fine Art and Frame 640 5th St. 571-7977
Retail - Miscellaneous RR Helene's Custom Framing and Scrapbooking 109 3rd St. 546-4760
Artistic Merchandise Retail CS Homeblown Glass 705 4th St. 481-6965
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Mackey Picture Frame Company 570 Mendocino Ave. 527-5959
Wholesale RR Mohawk Company 738 Wilson St. 527-5757
Photography Equipment Sales RR Northbay Photographic Supply 742 Wilson St. 546-6610
Mail Order CS Not of this World Icons 553 Mendocino Ave. 546-2314
Art P Prints Plus SR Plaza 573-1020
Interior Decorations/Design CS Randolph Johnson Design Store, Inc. 608 5th St. 577-8196
Photography  P Ritz Camera SR Plaza 526-7554
Non Profit CS Sonoma County Museum Gift Shop 425 7th St. 579-1500
Miscellaneous Service CS Source Design Gallery 620 4th St. 484-2167

Bath & Body Products

Bath P Bath & Body Works SR Plaza 568-0159
Bath P Body Shop, the SR Plaza 577-7943
Bath P Crabtree & Evelyn SR Plaza 575-0162
Gift Shop CS Hampton Court Essential Luxuries 631 4th St.  #18 695-6954
Hair Products P Trade Secret SR Plaza 578-4026
Bath P Victoria's Secret Beauty SR Plaza 544-1153

Book Stores & Stationers

BookStore/NewStand CS Barnes and Noble 700 4th St. 576-7494
BookStore/NewStand P Carlton Cards SR Plaza 523-1924
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Magazines! 350 E St. #300-A 571-7728
BookStore/NewStand CS Not of this Worlds 553 Mendocino Ave. 546-2314
BookStore/NewStand CS Sawyer's News 733 4th St. 542-1311
BookStore/NewStand CS Treehorn Books 625 4th St. 525-1782

Accessories, Jewelry

Jewelers P Bay Side Watch SR Plaza 566-0323
Jewelers P Castellanos Jewelry SR Plaza 569-0547
Jewelers P Crescent Jewelers SR Plaza 542-5272
Jewelers CS E.R Sawyer Jewelers 638 4th St. 546-0372
Jewelers P Elite Jewelers SR Plaza 575-1494
Jewelers P Fred Meyer Jewelers SR Plaza 541-7040
Jewelers P Gold Galleria SR Plaza 566-0137
Jewelers RR Kaufman and Company 130 4th St. 528-3378
Jewelers P Kay Jewelers SR Plaza 545-8991
Jewelers CS Mark Allen Jewelers 611 4th St. 544-2635
Jewelers P Milan Jewelers SR Plaza 566-0289
Jewelers RR Olde Towne Jewelers 125 4th St. 577-8813
Jewelers RR Pearls and Jade by Mitsue 201 4th St. 576-0460
Jewelers CS Timothy Patrick Jewelers 647 4th St. 544-4713
Jewelers P Whitehall Jewelers SR Plaza 523-1629
Jewelers P Zales Jewelers SR Plaza 526-0161
Clothing Sales P Aldo Accessories SR Plaza 579-3243
Accessories P Claire’s SR Plaza 575-0677
Accessories P Eye Candy SR Plaza 321-4111
Accessories P Icing SR Plaza 579-5538
Accessories P Lids SR Plaza 578-2117
Accessories P Ohana Hawaiian Jewelry SR Plaza 545-4115
Accessories P Sun Glass Hut SR Plaza 546-2684
Accessories P Sunglass Gallery SR Plaza 545-2159
Clothing & Apparel
Kids Clothing, Toys & Gifts
Clothing Sales P Childrens Place SR Plaza 575-5461
Clothing Sales CS Cupcake 641 4th St. 237-3441
Clothing Sales P Disney store, the SR Plaza 545-0167
Clothing Sales P Gap Kids SR Plaza 570-1236
Toy Shop P Gymboree SR Plaza 576-8026
Toy Shop CS Jungletoy 535 7th St. 568-1556
Toy Shop P Kiddie Rides SR Plaza 1-800-358-2762
Clothing Sales P Limited Too SR Plaza 569-7525
Clothing Sales P Stride Rite SR Plaza 575-7483
Toy Shop CS Toy Trader, the 462 Mendocino Ave.. 544-4493
Retail - Miscellaneous P Toy Wizard SR Plaza 542-2110
Clothing Sales CS Thompson's Enchanted Baby, AJA 401 E St. 578-0445
Apparel-Women's & Men's
Clothing Sales P Abercrombie & Fitch SR Plaza 575-5310
Clothing Sales P Aeropostale SR Plaza 579-4337
Clothing Sales P American Eagle SR Plaza 579-0340
Clothing Sales P Anchor Blue SR Plaza 526-7870
Clothing Sales P Ann Taylor Loft SR Plaza 566-6782
Clothing Sales P Banana Republic SR Plaza 542-6006
Clothing Sales P BEBE Sport SR Plaza 570-2322
Clothing Sales P Buckle, the SR Plaza 566-8084
Clothing Sales P Charlotte Russe SR Plaza 541-7520
Clothing Sales P Choice SR Plaza 528-4752
Clothing Sales CS Drum Machine, The 401 E St.
Clothing Sales P Eddie Bauer SR Plaza 528-3823
Clothing Sales P Express SR Plaza 523-0864
Clothing Sales P Forever 21 SR Plaza 542-3755
Clothing Sales P Gap SR Plaza 528-0323
Clothing Sales RR Hot Couture 101 3rd St. 528-7247
Clothing Sales P Hot Topic SR Plaza 528-0232
Clothing Sales P Lane Bryant SR Plaza 575-3180
Clothing Sales P Macy's SR Plaza 523-3333 x4663
Clothing Sales P Mervyn's SR Plaza 544-8800
Clothing Sales P Motherhood Maternity SR Plaza 525-8756
Clothing Sales CS Moxie 600 Mendocino Ave. 545-7858
Clothing Sales P Pac Sun SR Plaza 579-2993
Clothing Sales RR Paolini's Mens Wear 512 Wilson St. 545-1260
Clothing Sales CS Punch  711 4th St. 526-4766
Clothing Sales CS Punch #2 315 D St.. 526-4766
Clothing Sales P Rave SR Plaza 527-5833
Dept Store P Sears SR Plaza 571-5600
Clothing Sales CS Selix Formal Wear 555 Mendocino Ave. 575-3212
Clothing Sales P Shirtque SR Plaza 526-4414
Clothing Sales CS Simply Chic 739 4th St. 578-8044
Clothing Sales P Style Land SR Plaza 568-0881
Clothing Sales P Torrid SR Plaza 526-7230
Clothing Sales P Victoria’s Secret SR Plaza 544-1153
Clothing Sales RR Vie Vie Boutique 122 4th St. #B 570-0243
Clothing Sales P Wet Seal SR Plaza 571-0425
Clothing Sales P Zumiez SR Plaza 576-8645
Shoes P Aldo Shoes SR Plaza 576-0923
Shoes P Foot Locker SR Plaza 575-9447
Shoes P Foto Fantasy SR Plaza 888-367-3686
Shoes P FYE SR Plaza 526-5748
Shoes P Journey's SR Plaza 568-7626
Shoes P Payless Shoesource SR Plaza 526-4772
Shoes P Shiekh Shoes SR Plaza 571-8900
Shoes P Vans SR Plaza 570-0451
Sporting Goods & Activewear
Clothing Sales P Champs Sports SR Plaza 576-8140
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Fleet Feet 643 4th St. 569-1494
Sporting Goods Shop RR Sonoma Outfitters 145 3rd St. 528-1920
Sporting Goods Shop P Touchdown SR Plaza 526-5236
Communications, Computers, Music & Games
Communications P Cingular Wireless store SR Plaza 591-0359 (3)
Communications P Mobile Systems Wireless (Sear's) SR Plaza 591-0940
Communications P Radio Shack SR Plaza 526-4571
Communications P Real PCS SR Plaza 573-8820
Communications P Sprint Kiosk SR Plaza 578-3195
Communications P Sprint/Nextel SR Plaza 570-1212
Communications P T-Mobile (XL Wireless) SR Plaza 576-9800
Communications P Verizon Wireless SR Plaza 527-9873
Computer Sales & Services
Computer Sales CS MacNetworks 456 10th St. 522-1400
Computer Services CS Networks 'R' Us 400 Mendocino Ave. 569-7227
Retail - Miscellaneous P Babbages/Game stop SR Plaza 526-5512
Retail - Miscellaneous P Child's Dream, A SR Plaza 575-5400
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Clark's Trading Comics and Cards 526 7th St. 546-2000
Retail - Miscellaneous P EB Games SR Plaza 591-0950
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Outer Planes 526 7th St. 292-7385

Music and Multi-Media

Computers P Apple SR Plaza 521-3100 (5)
Computers P Dell SR Plaza 528-9451
Music Stores CS Epiphany Musical Instruments 640 4th St. 543-7008
Music Stores CS Loveland Violin Shop 618 4th St. #207 526-9777
Music Stores CS Musicx, Inc. 515 Ross St. 573-5191
Music Stores RR Rhythm Matters 109 4th St. 523-3786
Multi-Media P Sam Goody SR Plaza 523-0716
Music Stores CS Stanroys Music Center 741 4th St. 545-4827
Multi-Media P SunCoast Motion Picture Company SR Plaza 542-0709
Multi-Media P Sunset Gifts SR Plaza 569-8977

For the Home

Home Appliances
Appliance Repair CS Asef's Appliance 709 4th St. 575-3737
Appliance Sales RR Teevax 422 Wilson St. 545-1195
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Warming Trends 4 A St. 578-9276
Home Furniture and Accents
Artistic Merchandise Retail CS Black Sea Gallery 615 4th St. 575-3730
Furniture Retailers CS Furniture 2000 428 Mendocino Ave. 528-1122
Antique Shop RR Gado Gado 129 4th St. 525-8244
Candles P Illuminations SR Plaza 579-2282
Artistic Merchandise Retail CS Kindred Artisan Handcrafts 605 4th St. 579-1459
Artistic Merchandise Retail RR Mi Arte es Su Arte 109 4th St. 542-4566
Antique Shop RR Michel & Company, Inc. 107 4th St. 526-1290
Furniture Retailers RR Oldtown Furniture, Inc. 110 4th St. 575-8287
Furniture Retailers CS Pedersens 707 5th St. 542-1855
Retail - Miscellaneous P Select Comfort SR Plaza 575-0111
Furniture Retailers CS Via Diva 531 4th St. 546-8881
Antique Shop RR Whistlestop Antiques 130 4th St. 542-9474
Carpet and Floor Coverings
Carpet and Floor Coverings Retail CS Davis Carpet 420 1St. St. 579-5015
Carpet and Floor Coverings Retail CS Superior Floor Coverings 601 Mendocino Ave. 696-7158
Carpet and Floor Coverings Retail CS Unique Oriental Rugs 519 Mendocino Ave. 578-4747
Carpet and Floor Coverings Retail CS Wagner Carpet Company 400 Humboldt St. 542-5700
Wholesale RR Wright Brothers Supply 737 Wilson St. 525-8775

Specialty Shops

Retail - Miscellaneous CS 4/20 Buzz Smoke Shop 740 3rd St.
Retail - Miscellaneous P A Small world SR Plaza 571-8250
Retail - Miscellaneous P Alexander's Furniture SR Plaza 576-7906
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Angels Attic 411 E St. 284-8659
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Awesome Gifts 631 4th St. #6 542-1786
Retail - Miscellaneous P Blue Crystal SR Plaza 849-6159
Retail - Miscellaneous P Brookstone SR Plaza 526-5233
Retail - Miscellaneous CS California Luggage Company 609 4th St. 528-8600
Retail - Miscellaneous P Candy Cable Car Co. SR Plaza 916-817-2410
Retail - Miscellaneous P Cell Treasures SR Plaza 579-5004
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Corricks, Inc. 637 4th St. 546-2423
Retail - Miscellaneous P Cutlery N’ More SR Plaza 528-1511
Retail - Miscellaneous P Designer Perfume SR Plaza 579-3390
Retail - Miscellaneous P Dollar Plus SR Plaza 575-1176
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Dungeon, the 452 B St. 579-9983
Retail - Miscellaneous P Edge, the SR Plaza 568-7593
Retail - Miscellaneous RR Funny Business 100 4th St. 575-1477
Retail - Miscellaneous P GNC SR Plaza 571-7954
Retail - Miscellaneous RR Gottagrow Garden Supply 769 Wilson St. 544-7782
Retail - Miscellaneous Healthtech Solutions, Inc 613 4th St. 576-9999
Retail - Miscellaneous RR Helene's Custom Framing & Scrapbooking 109 3rd St. 546-4760
Retail - Miscellaneous P Horizon Vending SR Plaza
Retail - Miscellaneous CS House of Humor 318 Mendocino Ave. 544-7600
Retail - Miscellaneous CS HREF Tools Corp. 300 B St. #215 581-1828
Retail - Miscellaneous P Intrigue SR Plaza 566-0275
Pawn Brokers CS Liberal Loan and Jewelery Company 611 5th St. 528-1380
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Measurements and Testing, Inc. 518 7th St. 585-029
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Mostly Magic 311 D St. 523-2892
Mail Order CS Not of this World Icons 553 Mendocino Ave.. 546-2314
Retail - Miscellaneous P Photo Buttons SR Plaza 544-5475
Retail - Miscellaneous P Picture People SR Plaza 576-7188
Retail - Miscellaneous P Piercing Pagoda SR Plaza 570-0476
Retail-Miscellaneous CS Positively Fourth Street 628 4th St. 526-3588
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Pottery studio, The 632 4th St. 576-7102
Retail - Miscellaneous P Proactiv SR Plaza 576-9015
Retail - Miscellaneous P Q Image SR Plaza 535-0608
Retail - Miscellaneous CS RCS 409 Mendocino Ave. #E 888-992-9199
Retail - Miscellaneous RR Remote Satellite Systems Int'l, Inc. 10 4th St. #208 545-8199
Motorcycle Sales CS Revolution Moto 317 D St. 523-2371
Retail - Miscellaneous P Rich's Amusement SR Plaza 795-0555
Retail - Miscellaneous P Sit Back and Relax SR Plaza 603-314-1070
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Skeeter's 626 4th St. 523-1651
Retail - Miscellaneous P Spencer Gifts SR Plaza 526-4544
Retail - Miscellaneous P Stickers & License Plate SR Plaza 576-9044
Retail - Miscellaneous P Sweet Factory SR Plaza 527-9046
Pawn Brokers CS The Pawn Advantage store 509 4th St. 527-7296
Retail - Miscellaneous P Things Remembered SR Plaza 528-2574
Retail - Miscellaneous CS Tibetan Culture House 631 4th St. 415-485-1244
Retail - Miscellaneous P Tinder Box SR Plaza 579-4442
Retail - Miscellaneous P Treat Time SR Plaza 525-9242
Retail - Miscellaneous CS True Images 555 5th St. 566-0984
Retail - Miscellaneous RR Turman Design, Courtney J 130 4th St. 477-2485

Pet Supplies

Pet Shop RR My Dog Bakery 208 DavisSt. 566-0366
Animal Care Services CS Soggy Doggy 452 10th St. 542-0244
Wholesale RR Western Farm Center 21 West 7th St. 545-0721


Wholesale CS Fretfinder Products 618 4th St. #211 544-1008
Wholesale CS Media Solutions 555 5th St. #101 573-8111
Wholesale CS Medtronic USA, Inc. 438 1St.  #350 522-6336
Wholesale RR Mohawk Company 738 Wilson St. 527-5757
Wholesale RR Western Farm Center 21 West 7th St. 545-0721
Wholesale RR Wright Brothers Supply 737 Wilson St. 525-8775

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